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Semi-Permanent  Eyebrow  Enhancement

Consultation $25.

Applied toward service, otherwise non-refundable.

Microblading $325.

Includes both required sessions.


$120. Brows are 50% faded or less.

$180. Brows are 50-75% faded.

What is it?
Microblading is a procedure in which a handheld micro-blade is used to implant pigment (ink) just under the surface of the skin to enhance eyebrow thickness, shape & symmetry. A trained technician dips the tip of the blade into an inkwell, then makes a tiny hairstroke incision to either "draw" eyebrow hairs or create shading.
How long does it last?
Once Microbladed, your new brows will last between 10 - 14 months before they begin to lighten & fade away. How fast your brows lighten depends on the natural oiliness of your skin, the beauty products you use regularly, medications taken, sun exposure & smoking habits.
What happens once my brows start to fade?
You can choose to allow the fading process to continue until the pigment has dissipated & your brows are gone, or you can schedule a "touch-up" session to freshen up & maintain your brows. 
Touch-ups are provided at a discount to returning Microbladed clients & are based on the percentage of fade. They range from $120-180 depending on how much fading has occurred.
How long does it take to get my brows Microbladed?
There are 2 separate sessions or appointments required to complete the Microblading process.  The first session takes about 3-4 hours from beginning to end & includes time to map & measure your brows, consent forms to discuss & questions to be asked, 2 numbing creams to take affect, the Microblading itself, and before & after pics &/or vids.
The 2nd session takes place 4 weeks after the initial session after your brows have healed. This is called your "touch-up" session & usually is only 1 to 2 hours long with numbing, Microblading & pics.
Does it hurt?
No. The 2 analgesic numbing creams used during your procedure provide enough time to complete the procedure before experiencing any pain or discomfort.  If, for any reason, you begin to feel discomfort, I simply apply more numbing agent.
Am I a good candidate for Microblading?
If you’re thinking you’re ready for a microblading procedure, it is important to know that the results will be based on the health & quality of your skin. Results will vary from person to person, and if you have a pre-existing skin condition or are on medications, you may still be eligible for a procedure but should adjust your expectations based on your situation.  Like any procedure, every person is unique and will react differently.
Here are the contraindications of Microblading.  If any of these conditions apply to you, unfortunately you are not a good candidate for the procedure.
  • Eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris & dermatitis (facial)

  • Chronic acne &/or rosacea - causes easy bleeding, which means your skin will not retain the color very well

  • Excessively oily skin - causes hair strokes to blur together

  • Accutane/Retin-A - Individuals who have been taking these medications within the last year have an altered skin condition that will not heal well after the procedure. It’s very important that you wait a year before this procedure.

  • Retinol & Vitamin A users should discontinue the use of each a month prior to their procedure.

  • Latisse - Eyelash & eyebrow growth serum bring extra blood flow to the eye area. Discontinue use at least 3-6 months before going in for a session.

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Pregnant &/or Nursing

  • Hemophilia or any other blood or bleeding disorders

  • Are taking any blood thinners

  • Botox- Get Microblading done BEFORE you get botox so your muscles will be in a normal state of movement.  Alternatively, if you regularly use botox, you will need to wait at least 3 weeks after botox before doing microblading in order to allow the botox to settle in at its full effect.

  • Vacationing &/or Special event within 6 weeks - Microblading is a mild injury to the skin which takes time to heal.  If you are planning to vacation or attend a special event, make sure you give your skin 6-8 weeks to heal before these types of occasions.

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