Microblading. Wow what a journey.

Updated: Mar 15

After yesterday's client, I realized something very special to me...I'm proud of myself.

The first time I ever touched a razor sharp blade to someone else's face was terrifying. "Ok...here we go...gotta cut into her now....DON'T screw up! After all...it's her face!". The thought of maiming someone's appearance permanently? "Terrifying" seems like such a small word.

She was my good friend. Someone who trusted me enough to be my first model in the Microblading certification class I was attending in Rochester. To be honest...a 2-day class on how to repeatedly place incisions on someone's brow to perfect their look was nowhere NEAR sufficient.

And since that day 4 years ago, man I've come a long way. I've made mistakes, I've tried different inks, experienced with different healing methods

, and I've used microblades of different shapes, sizes & brands...every client was a guinea pig (sorry ladies!! 😬). And as hard as I am on myself all the time, I've wanted to give up ssssoooo many times.

But yesterday was a big turning point for me as a professional. I'm good damnit. I'm going to stop criticizing myself. Stop doubting myself. Stop beating myself up so hard over tiny imperfections that no one but me even notices in my work.

I'm just going to start believing in myself, trusting my knowledge & embracing my talent, for a change. I mean...those brows yesterday...they were beautiful girlfriend 💁‍♀️! I do believe you have arrived!

Of course, there will always be more to learn, and I will never become so complacent that I stop looking for ways to be better, better, better...

...but it sure does feel good to finally get here. Hello me. I see you. Blade on beauty 💫! You've got this. 😉



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